Perfect 10 Math

Perfect 10 Math

Surprising as it may be, schools are not designed to ensure academic excellence. The current school system was mass-scaled in the 19th century to meet the needs of the industrial economy. 200 years of unchanged math at school have crushed billions of tender minds, hearts, and psyches by imparting the ever-deteriorating quality of math education.

There are too many deficiencies in schools' teaching. Even the 'best of schools' cannot ensure academic excellence for all students in Maths.

School math extends 3-year curricula to 12-year K-12 curricula, a massive numbing process for children (and weaning them off learning)

The overwhelming majority of students face a 'regressive shock.' Students helplessly live in an increasingly weaker connection to math teaching with every 'promotion' to the next class! All the hard work and commitment to living up to the schools' demands and routines do not yield the desired achievement levels in math.

Worse, tuition and coaching make matters perplexing and taxing, without recourse.

What is mathematics?

What is mathematics?

'What is math?' remains unanswered in the 14-year school education. Worse, a good majority of parents, students, teachers, school leaders, and policymakers do not even want the answer; math is 'not for them.'

A simple definition in the (Indian) National Education Policy (draft), 2019:

"Mathematics is:

- Counting (number system)

- Arithmetic

- Mathematics

- Reasoning

- Problem solving

Mathematics is NOT arithmetic, and school arithmetic is NOT even arithmetic!

Even the arithmetic is too restricted, e.g., a method each for operations.

No wonder most children struggle in math.

Mathematical Acculturation

Mathematical Acculturation

Mathematics hasn't changed. There is no 'new mathematics,' and mathematics has always been a language. Just as we use language for expressing thoughts and ideas, the mathematical language is used by physicists to comprehensively and accurately express and define physical laws. For example, the revolution of the earth is defined by a mathematical 'formula.'

What has changed is that mathematics is no more up in the clouds for the exclusive use of a few highly qualified professionals. Today, every profession works with digital technology, and that's where mathematics steps in.

Mathematics is a language that uses numbers to express the world around us. And it's the easiest language. Being the only universal language, mathematics is finally stringing together all 7 billion of us into a global village – the real mathematics is rapidly entering our lives.

What mathematics has been to physics, it will be to all aspects of our life (personal, social, professional, political, cultural, international cooperation, etc.). While Facebook's facial recognition capabilities are just an example of how mathematics is revolutionizing our personal and social world, it is nothing compared to how mathematics is revolutionising biology/medicine (a domain thought to be out of the sphere of influence of mathematics). By 2040, a set of mathematical expressions would help define the functioning of our bodies. And, 2040 is not far off. It's when today's infants would be in their 20s.

Perfect 10 Math - THE INNOVATION


We have brought first of the books on 'Mathematics as a language.'

Introducing (real) math itself is one imperative for our books; without placing math in a proper perspective, the math re-education journey would be inadequate. Mathematics is so rooted in real life that every one of us knows all foundational mathematics like the back of our hands. Novel, as the title, 'Mathematics as a language', is a quick introduction to why studying math as a language is a big deal and needs to be at the beginning of the prologue.

The most important feature of natural languages is that they grow on you with daily usage; we keep acquiring new nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, phrases without any specific effort. And the languages we know, we do not forget even when we do not converse in them for a long time. It must happen with math, too – math must grow as we deal with quantities through a typical day; on the contrary, math concepts fade away from our conscious memory sooner, even for the best educated ones. School math textbooks are most responsible for math education's current state and expect a tide of change with new-genre math textbooks.

Our math textbooks mark an epochal change in nature, and thus, the meaning of math in our lives, most befitting the role math is playing in the age of ever-growing artificial intelligence.

FAMILY EDITION of curricular

FAMILY EDITION of curricular math books!

Our mathematics books are all meant for the family. The books must be read together by parents, children, and other significant adults (at least those involved in homework assistance).

Our books have little in common with mathematics textbooks, teaching, and assessments. The books help to transform mathematics education into a' family affair,' catalysing an inspired community of learners at home.

The books have to be seen to appreciate that –

EVERY concept/question can be 'seen' with objects

ALL CONCEPTS set in real-life situations


ALL PARENTS can learn as fast as the teachers

Children can read the books ON THEIR OWN from Grade III onwards!