The Goal

Cipher Alchemy's peerless groundbreaking goal is to create universally far-reaching in-depth education paradigms for all humans, starting with 'success in math for every adult and child'. It aims to enhance user participation at intersecting roles transforming every adult into a prosumer. To professionally, economically, comprehensively develop and integrate all 7 billion of us. We aim to catalyse double-digit socio-economic growth across nations for decades to come.

We actively seek to undo the gravest errors of judgement committed by humans – not enabling to organise the entire humanity towards a global common market, for everything, and not multiplying demand and supply across sectors.

A majority of persons, communities, societies, and nations are condemned to a sub-human existence. It is nobody's business, never has been and would never be. We made it our focus. The world needs to give weightage to win-win over win-lose propensities across a multitude of socio-economic divides. Cipher Alchemy aims to do just that - marry local and global and make the task of 'saving our planet' everybody's business.

The fortuitous design – IR4.0 (The Fourth Industrial Revolution)

The turn of the millennium has brought to us an opportunity that promises to open new horizons for us all. Economically and professionally, the fourth industrial revolution is unlike the past three revolutions – there will be no shift to 'new professions' for most of us! This is providential, as everyone will be able to transition to the fourth industrial society, and no one may fall by the wayside.

For instance, a farmer, artist, worker, or teacher may continue the same profession, using the new-age digital, intelligent, and seamlessly global virtualisation of skills, processes, and resources. Of course, everything in their professional context would change, including the goals.

More significantly, and fortunately, the fourth industrial revolution may be the one-time window for humanity to mainstream everyone. People left out in the previous industrial revolutions will leapfrog and enter the fourth industrial society!

We, at Cipher Alchemy, recognised this opportunity well in time and spent the past five years enabling 'soft-infrastructure' for the fourth industrial revolution. This exceptional visionary approach isn't unexpected given Sandeep's (the Founder) unique thought leadership in the design of digital applications since 2000.

The social infrastructure – getting IR 4.0 ready

The investments for the fourth industrial revolution are also unique – all in social infrastructure – education, health, governance, and micro-enterprises. At Cipher Alchemy, we are focused primarily on education and health revolution on a global scale. Education is our primary focus for the next five years, till 2025.

The strategy

No business has ever invested in even attempting to reboot the privileges of children – the next-gen – in a way that their parents and community's attainments and resources can't perpetuate their socio-economic entitlements.

We need the same-quality education and health for all children. Equi-potential 18-year olds, globally!

Every person, across nations, to be equally-educated and comparably healthy!

Education 3.0 – coming full circle

Pre-industrial was Education 1.0 – community as the 'school', schools as school – Education 2.0

Cipher Alchemy has invented the 'Family edition' of K-12 curricular books, other resources, as well as new andragogy and pedagogy. The edition places quality education back in the hands of individual families, and local communities, away from the institutional hold of schools. It equally enables all families to educate their children to the same quality – honing thinking skills is the only scholastic goal; content is purely transactional.

Our K-12 Mathematics and K-10 Political Science books, for instance, showcase why it's 'not natural for any child to be struggling in mathematics, in thinking mathematically; in learning to think and act democratically. The books hold the key to remove the systemic, though not so designed, discrimination schools have caused – a world of 'educated' and the rest 'uneducated'; a new human categorisation that emerged in the industrial society.

Health 3.0 – Primacy to primary

Health 1.0 was preventive-centered, inclusive; Health 2.0 is curative/tertiary-centered, exclusive.

One of the best-kept secrets of medical and health education and management is that it's almost entirely curative (notwithstanding pieces of wisdom in the alternate medicinal systems). Doctors and the medical system (including pharma, insurance, and medical equipment companies) are mostly ignorant of what can keep people healthy! While we are getting there, particularly with the help of mathematical biology, we need solutions today. Over the next few years, we are committed to research and developing the preventive health monitoring soft- and hard infrastructure for a global roll-out.

No one needs us to remind ...

Of course, we also know the goal is impossible! However, all revolutions have their origin long before they come alive; we would be joyous to be the origin of a happy earth and all the life on it, whenever it is real.




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